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Periodic consultation with Achmea

De Unie regularly consults with Achmea. We talk about matters that are important to Achmea employees. In this report you can read which subjects were discussed in the periodic consultation in February 2019.


Developments Pension

Pension scheme Achmea
The board of Pensioenfonds Achmea assessed the new pension scheme as described in the final result of the CLA 2018-2019 in the board meeting of 14 February 2019. The board of Pensioenfonds Achmea intends to accept the request to implement this scheme. This is a proposed decision, subject to advice from the accountability body and the results of the initial feasibility test. This is a positive message because it represents an important step towards actually implementing the pension agreements.

Retirement meeting De Unie
Everyone is very welcome at the members' meeting of De Unie.

The meeting will be held on:

Tuesday 26 March from 16.00 p.m. to 17.30 p.m. at the latest.
Location: Room Hoog Buurlo 1, Meeting building Achmea Apeldoorn.
You can register by sending an e-mail to

The purpose of the meeting is to answer questions from members about the pension scheme. The reason is the question from various members to explain how it is possible to reduce the pension premium so much without jeopardizing accrual and indexation. Ivo Slikkerveer, senior employee Pension at De Unie, is there to answer the questions.

Periodic consultation February 18, 2019

The main topics on the agenda were:

  • Intention to centralize Pension and Life
  • Steel dishes
  • Agenda for the future

Intention to centralize Pension and Life

The Pension and Life division intends to centralize the administrative activities of the closed book operations. This affects the direct employees and IT support whose work is moved to the target location. The closed book departments are experiencing a structural contraction because expiring contracts are not replaced. So this also leads to redundancy.

De Unie has discussed with the employer that it is important to invest in job retention. We ask to support employees who want to retrain. Zilveren Kruis, for example, has vacancies because not all employees followed their work when Zwolle was closed. There are also vacancies at other business units.

The explanatory notes indicated that an inventory is now made of what the employees involved want; follow work, retrain or leave. The employer indicates that it is important to retain employees for the company. We have agreed to discuss this reorganization again before the summer. De Unie wants to discuss whether enough has been done to give employees the opportunity to keep their work.

Steel dishes

De Unie talks to Achmea about the Staal salary scales. These are the salary scales that were used by Staalbankiers when the bank was an Achmea division. The salary scales are also used by a number of other business units. At AIM, SAREF and Achmea bank, some employees have a salary commitment based on a Staal salary scale.

The intention is that in the next Achmea CLA, the Staalschalen will be included in the CLA in an amended form. Starting point of De Unie is that the employees concerned should not lose out. In addition, we must make clear agreements in the CLA 2020 that the Achmea salary scales are leading, and in which cases the deviating Steel scales may be used.

Does the employee have a salary based on a Steel scale? Please contact me, because then I would like to hear personally how the steel scales are applied.

Update agenda of the future

We have taken steps to prepare topics such as Elderly Policy, Time and Place Independent Work, Flex and Achmea Select.

March 12: working conference “the aging employee”
March 14: periodic consultation
March 15: network meeting about TOP (Talent, Development, Performance)

The next periodic meeting will be on March 14, 2019. We will then in any case discuss the status of the Staal salary scales at Achmea. We check the implementation agreement (when it is ready). The agenda of the future will also be on the agenda again.

Are there any topics to add to the agenda? Please contact me by e-mail or call 06-5252 2091.