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Royal Philips pension agreement

In recent weeks, we have held very intensive and constructive consultations with the employer about the content of a new pension scheme. Ultimately, this resulted in a new pension agreement for a period of 3 years. Read the pension agreement here. As stated in the pension agreement, we implement this with a positive advice de Uniemembers for.

The core of the agreements is that the scheme remains the same in terms of premiums (24% of the salary, 30% of the pension basis) and in terms of ambition for the accrual percentage (1,85%). The character of the scheme (collective defined contribution) will not change either.

When setting up the pension scheme, the social partners not only looked at the interests of the workers, but also the interests of the sleepers (former employees) and the pensioners.

De Uniemembers have received an invitation to vote.


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