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Pensioenlab Academy: Young people wanted for pension boards

The diversity in pension funds is still far too low, according to the three youth organizations VCP Young Professionals, CNV Jongeren and FNV Jong. Young people in particular are absent from many pension funds. We want to change this by inspiring and training young people for a place on a pension fund board or an accountability body.

Pension Lab Academy

Stichting Pensioenlab has two goals and implements them through two projects. On the one hand, the aim is to get young people to think in groups about current pension issues through the Pensioenlab project and to advise them on this to the pension sector. This project has just started for the 8th time. On the other hand, train young people for a place in a pension fund. The project, the Pensioenlab Academy, was established for this purpose. For the second year, the Pensioenlab Academy is now looking for young people who are interested in playing a role in a pension fund.

Register now!

Young people who want to participate in the discussion about pension, pay attention to this. Are you between 18 and 35 years old? Then you are cordially invited to register for this. You do not need to have any pension knowledge for this. Although that is of course a bonus, if you really want to become a board member or member of an accountability body in the short term. The PensioenLab Academy offers various lectures at different levels to familiarize you with the many pension topics that a pension fund manager or member of an accountability body will have to deal with. The ultimate goal of these colleges is therefore to prepare young people for a position on a pension board or an accountability body or to arouse interest in such a place.


Currently, only 2% of all pension fund directors are under the age of 35. To strengthen the representativeness and involvement of young people at all levels, the Academy is divided into three levels: junkies (for potential administrators), connoisseurs (for a place in an accountability body) and the seducers (basic knowledge about pension).

What is the PensioenLab Academy?

An initiative of VCP Young Professionals, FNV Jong and CNV Jongeren. Together with a motivated group of young people, you will attend various lectures about retirement.
Interested? You can register before December 31, 2018 by emailing your short motivation and CV to For more information please check the site of Pension lab.

View the brochure here.