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Organizational development ONVZ

On Tuesday February 19, 2019, consultations were held between De Unie and the employer. In this conversation I was updated on the reorganisations that have recently been announced. This concerns the redesign of the Cluster Customer Relations and the Cluster Internal Audit & Control. 

In total, it appears to be just over twenty employees. For a company like ONVZ, this is a major intervention. Fortunately, it does seem possible for some of the employees involved to find other suitable work at ONVZ.

Social plan

The employer has De Unie asked to agree to the extension of the social plan. The current social plan expires on July 1, 2019. The employer wants to extend this until December 31, 2019. De Unie considers this a positive proposal. We assume that de Uniemembers have no objection to this. Do you have a different opinion as a Union member? Then send an e-mail.

Does this reorganization apply to you?

Then the coming months may be very exciting. If you have any questions, please contact De Unie. There may be questions about the selection procedure for internal vacancies, about the social plan, about the UWV procedure or information about other companies to apply for.

We can help Union members with that too.


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