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Towards a new Collective Labor Agreement for Motor Vehicles and Two-wheelers

October 12, 2020 was the first day that we negotiated a new Collective Labor Agreement for Motor Vehicles and Two-wheelers.

Explanation of the proposals

Tell during the first consultation day vakbondand and employers what proposals they have and why they make these proposals. De Unie has in her proposal letter indicated what the main points are:

  1. Retain the generation pact, permanently include it in the collective labor agreement
  2. Arrange arduous professions
  3. ADV is clearer in the collective labor agreement, no longer a XNUMX-minute scheme
  4. Conservation of purchasing power for employees
  5. Attention to the development of employees

The BOVAG did not have a proposal letter, but told us about the developments in the sector. We saw (and know) that the sales of new cars are going badly and that due to the corona crisis it is expected that less travel will result in less maintenance. On the other hand, we saw positive figures for the Bicycles, Motorcycles and to some extent Caravans sectors. The BOVAG has also indicated that they would like an extension of the day window from 13 pm to 14 pm. This creates additional hours for which no surcharge is paid. BOVAG does want to talk to us about the heavy professions regulation.

The BOVAG has indicated about salary development that they do not want to talk about handing in salary or the zero line, but there is not much room.

What now

On the first day, we conducted the negotiations in a pleasant atmosphere, but it also became clear that a lot still needs to be done before an agreement is reached. The corona already had an impact on this and at the moment that impact is only increasing due to the increasing infections and the measures that are the result of this.

Next negotiation

We hope that the following negotiations can take place on November 5.


If you have any questions or comments, you can send them to Albert Meeuwissen by e-mail

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