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Negotiation result collective labor agreement ING Bank

De Unie has worked for a new collective labor agreement as of November 2018 de Unie- informed members of the progress after each round of negotiations. In advance and in the meantime we have de Uniemembers asked and received input. Thank you very much for that. The input has helped us to sharpen our efforts and make choices. After all, we don't do it for ourselves, but for the members. On Wednesday 20 February 2019, we reached a negotiation result on the collective labor agreement. Click here for the collective labor agreement. The summary of the negotiation result can be read in this infographic.

Result achieved

With this result, we realize to a large extent the goals from the commitment letter of De Unie. In addition to an appropriate salary adjustment, the related concepts of happiness at work, work pressure and the balance work / private life took an important position. In the negotiation result, this commitment is reflected in the core concepts of customization and self-management. Below is a selection of the agreements we have made.

We achieved a good pay rise and agreed on a culture program for non-financial valuation. For the balance between work / private life and work pressure, we have arranged that the employee has control over accessibility, that the employee can provide informal care as needed and that the existing collective labor agreement agreements on The New Way of Working (HNW) and time / place ( un) bound works are continued. In order to gain insight into the workload, the employee can do a personal workload survey and reduce the workload with any follow-up action (s). An important role in reducing the workload is reserved for the dialogue between the employee and manager, in which individual customization can be provided. In the negotiations we agreed that ING would facilitate this financially.

We have also made agreements about coaches who support the employee in development & employability and to increase happiness at work. In addition to the permanent use of the existing development instruments, an extra budget has been made available for this. This should ensure that there is actually time available to work on the development. An internal job marketplace is being set up for a better match between supply and demand of labor and (h) recognition of talents (for example through learning badges). The training budget for temporary workers will be increased to € 400 per person per year. With regard to flex, the CLA parties will continue to discuss the hirer's remuneration and the fixed-flex ratio.

We have also made a number of nice agreements about ethics, CSR and inclusivity. Among other things, that ethics will receive more attention within ING and that the dismissal protection of the confidential adviser will be included in the collective labor agreement. Sustainability is reflected in the collective social benefit and in the advice for energy saving. For employees with a limited degree of incapacity for work, we provide more guidance from work to work and extra efforts are made to bring in and keep unknown talent.

De Unie and the other trade unions will also work agile within a squad that will work with ideas about time and happiness at work. Time and money have been made available for this. An innovative way to further shape work and employment relationships at ING.


We consider the negotiation result achieved for the new collective labor agreement to be positive de Uniemembers for. Since there is also spring break, the mood continues until Friday, March 15, 2019.  De Uniemembers have now received an invitation to vote.


If you have any questions regarding this member letter, please contact me by e-mail or call 06-5252 2074.