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Retrain? These professions are promising

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Have you always dreamed of a different job? Or are you no longer in your current job? Now is the time to do something about it. More and more employers are finding it difficult to fill vacancies. Moreover, the corona crisis has a lot of influence on the labor market: some sectors are having a hard time, while new jobs are being created in other places. Retraining can help to make the step to another profession. But who pays for that? And what is the best place to retrain? We have listed some important information.

What exactly is retraining?

Retraining is learning a different trade or profession than you currently have. For example, you can retrain if you no longer like your job, are fired or can no longer do your job. You learn something (completely) differently and thus get a grip on your career, so that you can steer it.

Who pays for your retraining?

That depends on the situation. In many cases you will pay for it yourself, but sometimes you can make agreements with your employer or you will receive a compensation for it. For example, are you retraining to do other work for your own employer? In that case, your employer may also contribute. Is there a collective agreement? Then check carefully whether it contains anything about retraining, for example with a training budget. Sometimes retraining is necessary to continue working after a reorganisation. Then the employer is obliged to help. Does a social plan apply? In that case, agreements can be made about retraining, training or possible compensation.

Regional Mobility Team (RMT)

Have you lost your job or income in the period from 12 March 2020, or is this likely to happen? Then regional mobility teams can help you with other work, for example with advice, (re)training and matching. More information about the RMTs can be found at the government website How does the Netherlands work.

Free development advice for everyone

Due to the corona crisis, it is important for everyone to actively work on their own future and development. For example, by learning new skills or following training for another position. That is why the government has set up a subsidy scheme: NL continues to learn. Anyone between the ages of 18 and retirement age can use this, whether you are employed, self-employed or looking for work. Via Werkprikkel you can make good and free use of this subsidy. Want to read more or sign up? check Work incentive's website.

What should you be retrained for?

It is important that you choose a direction for your retraining that you like. But it is good to know how promising that direction is. The UWV therefore regularly publishes an overview of the professions that have the best job opportunities nationwide. The organization has also recently started publishing regional overviews, with the professions with the best job opportunities per labor market region. There are many similarities between the 35 regions, but of course there are also differences: not every sector is equally well represented in all regions, for example.

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Want to know more?

Do you have questions about this article or would you like help with your retraining? Please feel free to contact our Service Center. We are available every working day from 8.00 to 18.00 via and 0345 851 963.