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Emergency Fund Bridging Employment replaces the Reduction of Working Hours scheme

The Reduction of Working Hours Scheme (WTV), which we informed you about last week, has been discontinued and replaced by the temporary measure Emergency Fund Bridging Employment (NOW). We will give you some further information about this Emergency Fund.

WTV discontinued

There were so many applications for the WTV that this scheme could no longer be used. However, the government still wants to accommodate companies badly affected by the corona crisis.

For whom?

The employer can apply for an allowance for wage costs for both permanent and flexible employees (on-call contracts). Temporary employment agencies can also submit an application for their temporary workers. This application is valid for a period of 3 months. This period can be extended once for another 3 months.

When can your company apply?

Your employer cannot simply apply for an allowance. The measure has a number of conditions:

  • No employees may be dismissed for economic reasons during the period for which an allowance is received from the Emergency Fund;
  • Turnover must fall by at least 20%;
  • All sales decreases from 1 March can be included in the assessment.

It is not yet possible to submit an application to the UWV. The UWV is working hard to get everything ready.

What does it mean to you?

The amount of the allowance depends on the decline in turnover and can be a maximum of 90%. The payment of the allowance takes place through your employer, who must continue to pay your entire salary.

It is important to know that you do not use any WW rights (this in contrast to the WTV). If you are already on the WTV, it will remain in effect until your employer applies for an extension (then the new measure applies), so it may be that you use unemployment benefits.

It may be that your collective labor agreement has additional agreements that apply during short-time working and may also apply during this period.

Comprehensive information NOW

Curious what the new scheme is exactly? And what impact does it have on you? What the NOW entails exactly we explain.