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NN: Report on collective labor agreement consultations

On December 9, 2020, we had another round of collective labor agreement consultations. We discussed further in the context of a multi-year collective labor agreement. In-depth discussions were held about NN's vision of employment conditions. We have established that a structural salary increase in a multi-year collective labor agreement is one of the options. In front of De Unie it is important that the hard zero line is off the table. But the difference between trade unions on the one hand and employer on the other is very large.

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In the financial sector, various other collective labor agreements have now been concluded with a structural salary increase that is in line with the current times, but which also satisfies the employees.

Subjects of the collective labor agreement consultation

De Unie and NN both believe that the study should pay attention to the position of the CDC pension fund. If interest rates remain so low for a long time, there is insufficient prospect of indexation or maximum tax accrual.

Collective structural salary increase
De Unie values ​​a general collective salary increase. This is an important tool for trade unions, with which we keep an eye on the general interest of all employees. We increase all salary scales and all salaries by the same percentage. NN, on the other hand, indicates that a collective salary increase is sometimes not the appropriate means because the employer needs differentiation within the organization. NN wants to enter into dialogue with trade unions about this. De Unie is not enthusiastic about this mindset, it does not provide employees with security.

Social plan
The employer wants to simplify the social plan. There is also a significant difference here De Unie. We are approached by members who urge us to continue the social plan unchanged.

Time and place independent work
NN is preparing for a future way of working. Under this heading, a new vision is being developed on how the activities will be carried out after the lockdown. NN assumes that working from home will continue to be normal in the future. That is why the employer proposes to agree new arrangements for the commuting allowance, for business travel allowance and for the furnishing of the home workplace. This new policy may also affect the number of workplaces in the office, the location and other subjects.

Next consultation

The current collective labor agreement formally expires on December 31, 2020. But on January 1, 2021, your employment conditions will not change. The current collective labor agreement will remain in force for the time being.

The following collective bargaining meetings are scheduled on:
* January 5, 2021
* January 20, 2021
* February 2, 2021
* March 2, 2021
* March 23, 2021


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