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NN group: proposal letter De Unie

Negotiations for the collective labor agreement will start soon. This year we are only talking about the collective labor agreement, NN's social plan will run until 31 December 2021. De Unie requires a mandate from the members to negotiate in advance, this mandate we record in the proposal letter. This post is about the proposal letter from De Unie. I would like to hear the opinion of de Uniemembers about this.

Formation of proposal letter De Unie

De Unie has put out a survey among members. Based on the response of the members to this survey and on the employment conditions policy of De Unie the draft proposals have been drawn up. The executives of De Unie have approved the draft proposal letter. The proposal letter is here to read.

Give an opinion

De Unie finds it important that our proposal letter matches the wishes of the members. De Uniemembers can until Wednesday 9 September give an opinion.

Event Agenda

  • September 10: present proposal letter to NN
  • September 17: start of collective labor agreement consultations
  • October 14: collective labor agreement consultation
  • October 27: collective labor agreement consultation
  • November 18: collective labor agreement consultation
  •   December 9: collective labor agreement consultations