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NN Group: report periodic meeting

De Unie regularly consults with the employer about current developments at NN-Group. The last meeting took place on June 3, 2020. Below you can read what was discussed during this meeting. In addition, I, advocate Inge de Vries, provide information about other current events that may be important.

Partner leave

The NN collective labor agreement has a scheme for partner leave. This scheme gives fathers the option of taking 4 weeks of paid leave when their child is born. This leave must be taken during the first year after birth. The WIEG Act will enter into force on 1 July 2020. This act assumes a partner's leave of 6 weeks in total, the benefit is paid by the UWV. However, the benefit is lower and the leave must be taken during the first six months after birth. It seems logical to adjust the collective labor agreement so that it is more in line with the statutory regulation. At which De Unie of course assumes a partnership leave of 6 weeks in total equal to your current salary. NN then realizes savings. The employees have longer paid partner leave, but they must take the leave within a shorter period. NN has proposed not to wait until 1 January 2021 when the new collective labor agreement takes effect. NN has the ambition to adjust the partner leave scheme as of 1 July 2020. We will discuss this subject on 9 June 2020. De Unie will of course let the members vote on an amendment to the collective labor agreement if the consultation gives cause to do so.

Strategic workforce planning

It has been agreed in the collective labor agreement that NN will make every effort to improve internal redeployment and internal mobility. An important instrument for this is good strategic personnel planning. This helps to reveal which functions, roles and competencies are in high demand by NN in the near future. It is of course necessary that this knowledge is also shared with the employees. This can help if you make a choice for your further development.

Corona measures

NN is following the instructions of the government and is not opening the offices generally for the time being. We are working towards a limited opening from September 2020. But this date is not yet certain. However, the policy has been expanded for employees who prefer to work in the office.

NN has decided to postpone the expiry date for the statutory holidays by two months. The leave that you have accrued in 2019 should normally be taken before July 1, 2020. You will now have more space for this because these holidays will only expire on September 1, 2020. It is positive that NN is taking into account the consequences of the lockdown so that many holidays could not take place.


Members of the ING Pension Fund (PFI) have now received a message from the fund. On July 1, 2020, NN will increase salaries by 3%. The normal course of events is that the accrued pensions are indexed with the same percentage. Now the board of PFI has decided to postpone the decision on indexation. This decision is for De Unie unexpected, it is a decision that the board may take. De Unie would like to have a quick consultation with the board to clarify the circumstances that led to this decision.


June 9, 2020: Consultation of interim changes to collective labor agreement in connection with changes to partner leave.

June 19, 2020: Informal meeting preparing for collective labor agreement consultations.

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