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NN Group: Report on collective labor agreement consultations 5 January 2021

The collective labor agreement for NN employees continued on 5 January 2020. In addition to the major themes: maintaining purchasing power, social plan and pension, there are themes that are dealt with separately by a working group. The progress of the various working groups was discussed extensively at the collective labor agreement table. In addition, the trade unions jointly responded to the employer's proposal of December 2020.

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Collective bargaining agreement

Topics on the agenda include sustainable employability and structural salary increases. Consultation about this is slow to get going. To still have movement in the consultation De Unie and the other trade unions jointly examined which proposals from our letters we can merge and which we prioritize together. We want to get things moving in collective bargaining.

De Unie naturally also keeps a close eye on developments at other companies in the sector. A good result has been achieved with the insurance companies industry collective agreement (which applies to small and medium-sized insurers). Employees at these companies receive a structural salary increase of 2,25% in total in a collective labor agreement with a term of one year. In addition, they also have other attractive terms of employment such as an early retirement scheme and partially paid vitality leave of two months (every seven years).

Working groups

The TPOW working group is a working group that includes trade unions, employers and central works council. The working group must formulate a proposal for the CLA table for, among other things, a new travel expenses scheme and a home-working allowance. I would like information from you to determine my position in this working group. You can take your opinion here  to give.

The Work Code working group is investigating options for treating permanent and flex workers more equally.

A working group will start to investigate the possibilities of retirement. Pension is an important part of the collective labor agreement, we start with an information session about the new pension contracts. The current pension scheme, with pension accrual in the CDC pension fund, will expire on December 31, 2021. With the new pension scheme, we must take into account the details of the pension agreement. This agreement is currently being transposed into legislation that is likely to be ready in 2023. In addition to negotiating for a new pension plan De Unie also pay attention to the current pension cuts. However, it will be difficult to make agreements for the year 2021.

January 2021 calendar

12.01.2021 report periodic consultation

13.01.2021 TPOW working group

15.01.2021 executive meeting De Unie

18.01.2021 pension information session

20.01.2021 CLA consultations

22.01.2021 report on collective labor agreement consultations

Provisional calendar February 2021

02.02.2021 CLA consultations

17.02.2021 periodic consultation

Provisional agenda March 2021

02.03.2021 CLA consultations

23.03.2021 last planned collective bargaining meeting


If you have any questions, you can contact the advocate Inge de Vries via e-mail address inge.de.vries@unie.nl or call 06-5252 2091.