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NN Group: Result from home work and travel allowance

The result of the vote on the home and travel allowance is known. A large majority of the members voted in favor. De Unie passes this positive result on to NN.

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Rash De Unie

89% of the voters voted in favor

8% of the voters voted against

3% of the voters abstained

It is nice that so many members are satisfied with the result and let them know.

Explanation of the result

The members who voted against give various reasons for this. But also members who voted in favor sometimes ask for attention to parts of the scheme.

  • The limitation of the travel allowance to 50 kilometers one way with your own transport is experienced as very unreasonable. People who commute a longer distance between home and work often do not do this of their own choice, but because their work location has been relocated. It feels unreasonable that the employer's decision to reorganize leads to an increase in costs for employees.
  • The home working allowance is seen by some as insufficient, they point out that the costs of working from home are higher than € 30 per month, and that the savings for the employer are considerably higher.
  • There are reservations about the advance payment scheme because NN only advances a limited number of office resources. If you have purchased other resources, the employee must advance these.

These are points of interest De Unie in the collective labor agreement consultations.

Affiliation with other consultations

The teleworking and travel allowance scheme is exclusively a financial scheme. However, there are many more important agreements that need to be made about combining working at the office with working from home. NN discusses these subjects with the central works council. We monitor this process closely. The lack of clarity about the lease arrangement is also a point of concern for members.


If you have any questions, please contact advocate Inge de Vries by e-mail or call 06-5252 2091.