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NN Group: Interim survey social plan and collective labor agreement

Last Friday, November 16, 2018, there was again collective bargaining. The report of this comes this week. First we would like to know an opinion, hence this survey. De Uniemembers can also forward the survey to colleagues who are not members.

Why this survey?

The collective labor agreement negotiations have entered the final phase. A collective labor agreement can sometimes suddenly proceed at a rapid pace. And the dates of consultation are scheduled shortly after each other.

For De Unie it is important to get a good idea of ​​where the interests lie. There are a number of topics that have received little or no attention so far. There has been little opportunity to express an opinion on these subjects. It's for De Unie important to know the opinions so that we can properly represent everyone.

Therefore, fill in the survey

The next collective bargaining agreement has ended Friday 23 November 2018. That is short on time. But we think the opinions are very important. Please take a moment to complete the survey.

The surveys issued by November 22 2018 have been completed, we can include them in the next meeting.

The survey is about the social plan and the harmonization of the NN and Delta Lloyd collective labor agreement. Because the collective labor agreements and social plans are not yet the same, a survey has been drawn up. Fill in the survey here about the current employment conditions.

Are there any questions? Or is there important information for that De Unie could be important for the negotiations? Or are we missing topics in the survey?

Please contact us by sending an e-mail to:
Inge de Vries
Harma Pethke