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NN Group - Periodic consultation


De Unie has regular consultations with the employer about current developments at NN-Group. The last meeting took place on April 29, 2020. Below you can read what was discussed during this meeting. In addition, there is information about other current events that may be of interest.

Report periodic consultation

Performance management
A new scheme for individual salary increases has been agreed in the collective labor agreement. The manager has space between 1 and 5%. The CLA also indicates the reasons for which deviations from the 2,5% standard individual salary increase can be made. For example, a higher individual salary increase can be awarded if the salary differences within a department differ widely for no reason. De Unie asked for more information about the application of the derogation option. We now only have an overall figure (18% of the rating increases above 2,5% and 14% of the rating increases below 2,5%). However, the employee cannot draw any conclusions from this about the effectiveness of the collective labor agreement agreement. The employer has committed to provide more detailed information.

Working from home
NN-Group says that working from home is going well. Several members also joined De Unie reported to be very satisfied with the approach. Because working from home seems to take longer, measures are now being taken to better support the workplace at home.

Back to the office
The employer, like the other companies, prepares the partial return to the office. This takes into account the obligation to provide a safe workplace. The approach looks careful. Around May 20, when further guidelines from the government become known, we will be updated again. De Unie can in this way think well about improvements to the policy.

Travel Expenses
NN-Group will continue to pay the agreed travel allowance net as long as the tax authorities allow this. De Unie is very satisfied with this decision.

Social plan
De Unie talks with the employer about the situation of employees who are now redundant or who will become redundant in the short term. These colleagues are logically concerned about their deteriorating labor market situation. The social plan provides for the possibility to extend the coaching period (at the expense of the severance payment). This application possibility is open to all involved. About 1/3de has decided to use this, so it's a limited improvement that meets a need. NN-Group and De Unie will discuss on 13 May how to further stimulate internal redeployment.

The career scan

In our newsletter of 6 February we informed you about the possibility to do a career scan free of charge. Many then registered and the coaching conversations and inspiration workshops are now in full swing. Participants in the career scan rate the process with an average of 8,5, thank you! Colleagues let it be known that they really get started with their personal branding by tackling their LinkedIn profile and updating their CV. In addition, work is being done on a concrete step-by-step plan for sustainable employability. Thinking about inhibitions and motives actually sets colleagues in motion.

We are in talks with NN to see if we can follow up on this offer, so that even more colleagues are able to follow a career scan.

Consultation pension fund

De Unie has also consulted the pension fund. You may have also read in the newspaper that the pension funds are also affected by the economic situation. This also applies to the pension fund. However, it is still too early to express expectations for the consequences of this. The interest on September 30, 2020 is an important factor for the pension fund. Based on the figures on September 30, 2020, the pension fund must determine the policy for 2021.

Consultation of the central works council

De Unie has consulted with the new central works council. It was mainly an introductory meeting. But it was also valuable to restart contact between trade unions and the employee representatives. We spoke extensively about various requests for advice and about the extra help that the employer could now give to redundant workers. Trade unions and the central works council have agreed to meet four times a year.

Consultation of executives De Unie

The executives of De Unie have also held consultations. The NN CLA expires at the end of this year. We will probably conduct collective bargaining after the summer. In the month of June, the trade unions and NN-Group will meet to prepare the collective labor agreement negotiations. The executives will jointly prepare for this first meeting.

Event Agenda

May 13, 2020: follow-up meeting on improving internal reassignment
May 29, 2020: executive meeting
June 3, 2020: periodic consultation
19 June 2020: informal meeting preparing for collective bargaining consultations

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