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NN group: Negotiation result for working from home and travel allowance

De Unie reached a negotiation result with NN Group on 2 March 2021 on the subjects of working from home and reimbursement of travel expenses. You can make the agreements here .

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The agreements were made after preparatory work by the TPOW working group. A preliminary proposal from NN Group was discussed in the members 'meetings in February 2021. The comments made during the members' meeting were used in the negotiations.

A temporary arrangement now applies to both parts. The intention is that the new agreements will take effect on April 1, 2021.

To vote

De Unie is satisfied with the negotiation result.  De Uniemembers have received an invitation in their mailbox to vote until Monday 22 March 2021. If you have any questions, please contact me. You can reach me by sending an email to inge.de.vries@unie.nl or call me on 06-5252 2091.

Relationship with the collective labor agreement negotiations

The agreements about the homeworking and travel allowance are separate from the CLA negotiations for the NN CLA 2021. These will be continued on 23 March 2021. We will then continue to discuss the structural salary increase, more room to grow faster through the scale, socially plan, retirement and other issues that members of De Unie have indicated.