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NN Group takes over part of Vivat

De Uniemembers have read that Nationale Nederlanden has made another takeover. Part of Vivat will be taken over. read here the message about this.

Not long ago Delta Lloyd was taken over by NN. At the moment, this integration is still in full swing. Due to this new takeover, there will be another integration. It is not yet known when this will take place and how many employees this will involve.

We keep de Uniemembers like to be well informed. NN Group takes over Vivat Schadeverzekering NV. This acquisition is being made with a view to the synergy benefits that NN Group can achieve. Our experience is that this always entails uncertainty.

But all formal processes will have to be followed first. Then the integration will slowly follow. De Unie will consult with all parties throughout this process. We expect to be able to start consultations in the short term. What is NN's vision on this? And how does NN envision this integration?

So no concrete agreements yet. We keep de UnieMembers, as always, are aware of all developments.

If there are any questions or concerns, send an email to inge.de.vries@unie.nl of harma.pethke@unie.nl.