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NN Group: Members agree to harmonization of PFI pension scheme


This newsletter only applies to employees who have also accrued pension with Pensioenfonds ING (PFI).


Agreement in principle

On November 18, 2019 we have de Uniemembers that PFI, ING & NN and De Unie, FNV Finance and CNV Vakmensen have reached an agreement in principle on the harmonization of the six PFI pension schemes into a pension scheme. This newsletter is here to read. We then requested an opinion on the agreement in principle de Uniemembers. The result of the vote is now known.

Voting result

The members of De Unie have almost unanimously voted in favor of the agreement in principle.

The result at the other unions is also positive, which means that the harmonization of the PFI regulations as of 1-1-2020 is a fact. PFI will also inform the relevant participants of this.


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