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NN Group and Delta Lloyd: Progress of collective labor agreement consultations

On Wednesday, February 27, 2019 De Unie consulted with NN with the other trade unions. The topics for discussion were the collective labor agreement and the function plotting correction process.

Function plot correction process

During this consultation, we jointly reached an agreement regarding the function plotting correction process. This is an important step. The agreements are now contractually recorded. We expect to be able to send and explain the correction process by the middle of next week. De Uniemembers can therefore rely on our legal advice and assistance and make use of the correction process.

CLA commitment

De Unie has made an inventory of the reasons why the members rejected the proposal for the collective labor agreement. Based on the results of this inventory, a careful assessment has been made, after which we have made a choice as to which objections we want to use in the negotiations. We strive for a balanced collective labor agreement in which members can see that their interests have been taken into account. This was then combined with the wishes of the other trade unions to arrive at a joint collective labor agreement.

Collective bargaining agreement

This joint proposal was explained in the consultation on Wednesday 27 February 2019. The employer's response was not what we had hoped for. The employer especially emphasizes that the total costs of our collective labor agreement are too high. The substantive response we received was more of a global response on the whole.
Some important points from that:

  • The trade unions want the employees who are above-scaled to (partially) participate in the collective salary increase and we want a higher collective salary increase. The function plotting correction process could lead to less scaling. A higher collective salary increase and fewer people above scaling are factors that reinforce each other in NN's cost calculations. The employer asks the trade unions to take this into account in our proposals.
  • With regard to the pension scheme, the employer has indicated that it will continue to adhere to the fixed employer's contribution of 24%. This is in addition to the 6% paid by employees and in addition to the administration costs of the pension funds paid by the employer. The employer does want to talk about organizing the pension scheme differently. But if we have to make choices within the current budget, there are few alternatives than insuring the Survivor's Pension on a risk basis. For members of De Unie the deterioration in the pension scheme is an important objection.
  • NN wants a social plan with the same duration as the collective labor agreement. The proposal of the trade unions is precisely to extend the term of the social plan.

How further?

Both parties are now considering the proposal and will meet again on 20 March 2019 to further negotiate. In front of De Unie this means that we try to work together with the other trade unions and form one front. We would of course like to hear from you de Uniemembers what the opinion is. But it can also help to talk to colleagues. Need more information to be able to have the conversation with colleagues? Please contact us on 06-5252 2091.

The joint aim of NN and the trade unions remains to arrive at one collective labor agreement for all employees in the Netherlands in 2019.


Assessment interviews are held at various divisions during this period. If you do not agree with the assessment, you can use the objection procedure. De Uniemembers can also get help from this De Unie ask. At the moment there are still various procedures for NN and Delta Lloyd. Both start with a conversation with the manager. Pay attention to the period within which you must lodge an objection. Certainly if a reorganization is imminent for the department where the employee works, it is better not to submit to an unjustified assessment.


  • 5 March - Delta Lloyd employee meeting on outsourcing to Infosys
    Consultation of employment conditions for outsourcing
  • March 6 - Periodic consultation
  • March 7 - Social plan appeals committee
  • March 20 - Collective Labor Agreement consultations


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