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NN Group and Delta Lloyd: Results of the survey

In January 2019 De Unie held a survey among its members, so that we can prepare well for the new collective labor agreement negotiations. These will start on February 27, 2019. Many members have completed the survey, for which we thank you very much. Read the outcome below.

Baseline situation

As is known, members with a Delta Lloyd background have accepted the employer's proposal of December 2018. The members with an NN background have rejected this proposal.
Because it was agreed in advance that the new collective labor agreement could only be established if both groups of employees agreed to it, there is currently no new collective labor agreement.

De Unie will talk to the employer to try to reach an agreement for a new collective labor agreement.

Survey result

Read here the results of the survey.

In this survey we have de Uniemembers are also asked to state their priorities.
The priority order of our members is:

  1. Increase maximum scale salary
  2. Pension (we have combined a higher pension premium and NP on an accrual basis)
  3. Structural salary increase
  4. VIC (higher percentage)


Together with the other trade unions, we have formulated a joint commitment to continue the negotiations clearly and clearly. We want to work it out together. The order does not indicate the importance of the points. read here the joint negotiation effort.


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