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NN Group and Delta Lloyd: How do we proceed with the collective labor agreement?

In our previous newsletter we reported that the members did not agree with the negotiated result achieved for NN's new collective labor agreement.


Conversation with NN

De Unie on Thursday evening had a meeting with the employers' delegation for the collective labor agreement negotiations. We have the results of the votes from De Unie and the other unions studied extensively. We have also expressed our concern about the sentiment among our members. The outcome of this consultation is that we will meet again next week to discuss the effects of the job classification system.

Follow-up steps CLA process

De Unie would still like to agree on a new collective labor agreement in the interest of members. To this end, we have scheduled new meetings with the employer in mid-February. We strive for a collective labor agreement that does justice to the dedication and commitment of all employees at NN and we are based on the same will at the employer. The employer has, with the consent of, the following steps in the collective labor agreement process De Unie, put the message below on SAM.


The opinion of the members is important to us. Many members have completed an explanation of vote on the voting forms. This is a first basis for determining a negotiation effort. The members will of course be further informed about this.

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