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NN Group and Delta Lloyd: Cao proposal letter for upcoming collective labor agreement and social plan negotiations

The proposal letter from De Unie sent to your employer. As a result of the members' consultation, we made a few more adjustments. read here  the final version of the proposal letter.

The most important change is the proposed salary increase. Many members indicated that they thought a good salary increase was very important and that this topic should have more emphasis. We are therefore now requesting a 3,5% structural salary increase with effect from 1 January 2019.

Various members have compared the Delta Lloyd CLA and the NN CLA and asked not to give away the terms of employment that are important to them. The proposal letter of De Unie is held global. Therefore find de Unie- do not include these important concerns in the proposal letter. But we do include these concerns in the negotiations.

The position of De Unie is that the employment conditions of ex-Delta Lloyd employees must be dealt with in accordance with the Company Transition Act (WOO). This means that ex-Delta Lloyd employees have passed on their own terms of employment and that NN-Group must implement them. If both collective labor agreements are to be merged, this is only possible if financial compensation is offered if a scheme in the NN collective labor agreement is of a lower level. See there De Unie during collective bargaining.

It is also clear that many NN-Group members are not satisfied with the reduction in personal allowances. We will include these objections in the consultation and will make it clear to the employer that a generic phasing-out scheme has no support.

Negotiations will start next week. We will de Uniekeep members informed of progress.

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