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NN Group and Delta Lloyd: Collective Labor Agreement consultations

In this post we talk de Uniemembers on two topics. The collective labor agreement negotiations started again on 20 March 2019. A start has also been made on the correction process. View here  our previous newsletters.

CLA negotiations

On Wednesday, March 20, 2019 De Unie renegotiated the collective labor agreement with the employer. It was a constructive conversation. We discussed the adjustments that are required to the employer's proposal of December 2018. The employer also proposed suggestions for improvements. This gives us confidence that the employer would also like to find a solution. But we are not there yet.

Subjects of negotiations

  • We talk about the term of the collective labor agreement and the social plan. De Unie wants to agree the social plan with a term until December 31, 2020.
  • The amount and calculation of the VIC compensation for NN employees has also been discussed. NN is prepared to make a move here too. The starting point of the consultation is that the VIC scheme will be terminated and converted into an indexed supplement.
  • A higher salary increase must also be agreed. This is a strict condition of the trade unions.
  • An important topic of negotiations is superscale. The number of employees that is now top-scaled is according to De Unie way too big. The employer also recognizes that the extensive superscaling requires attention. We are jointly examining the possibilities of reducing the superscale.

Continuation of the collective labor agreement consultations

Two working groups will start next week. One working group is studying the topic of performance management and the assessment enhancement. De Unie has a different view on this subject than the employer. The working group tries to find a solution that both parties can agree with. The second working group reviews the salary structure again.

We will continue with the collective labor agreement consultations on 2 April 2019.

Correction process

De Unie has agreed a correction process with the employer. The purpose of the correction process is to recognize and correct the possible erroneous plotting in the job house. The state of affairs is as follows:

  • The process is well underway and all requests, both initiated by employees and managers, are being reviewed.
  • Just over 700 requests have been submitted to date. These are requests submitted by managers, possible structural adjustments in job families and individual requests for reassessment.
  • A number of managers and employees are invited for interviews with external job evaluation specialists from Korn Ferry.
  • The employee must submit the request for reassessment by Tuesday 26 March at the latest. If the employee has been assigned to a job family that is now being examined, an individual request cannot be submitted. Once the investigation has been completed, the employee will be given a further period of two weeks for any individual request.
  • The following job families are examined: Capital & Treasury, Actuary, Business Control, Financial Reporting, Accounting, Tax, Audit, Risk Management, Communication Specialist, Legal, Compliance, Procurement, DevOps Infrastructure, DevOps Applications and Data Intelligence.


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