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NN Group and Delta Lloyd: Agreement on function plotting correction process seems possible

On Friday, February 15, 2019 De Unie talked intensively with the employer. We talked about the function plot correction process. This conversation took place in a good atmosphere. The intention is to work it out together. In front of De Unie setting up and going through a careful correction process is a prerequisite for reaching a collective labor agreement. It will be clear that we must be able to control the process and that it must be sufficiently independent and reliable.


Unfortunately, we cannot present the correction process yet. But we expect that there will be a correction process with the support of the trade unions.

We agree on the outline of the correction process. These outlines are about reporting and identifying errors in the function plotting and a consistent assessment thereof. There must also be room to look for solutions outside the current job frame framework. We have to agree on some details. We do not yet have a text formalizing the process. That is also still being worked on.

CLA negotiations

The intention is to resume collective bargaining on February 27, 2019. From De Unie we asked members to indicate where their priorities lie. This is the basis for our commitment to the negotiations. We will be able to tell you more about this soon.


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