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NN Group and Delta Lloyd: Article NRC Handelsblad

On Saturday March 9, 2019, the NRC Handelsblad published an article about NN and its Central Works Council (COR). This article discusses the differences of opinion within the Central Works Council and suggests that the creation of the job house took place in a, carefully expressed, '' foggy atmosphere ''. Many members have to De Unie asked to comment on this article.

Central Works

The employer's response states that this is an internal matter of the COR. In our view that is not the case. De Unie would like to discuss this with the employer. We have requested a short-term meeting about this. We also want to view the reports of the internal investigation. The NRC article also makes statements about these reports that we believe should be discussed.

NN indicated the following in the internal message. In response to a report, extensive research was carried out over a longer period by various independent bodies set up for this purpose up to the highest level within our company. This investigation did not reveal any irregularities ''. De Unie argues for an independent investigation, so that the internal investigation can also be tested. It is not good for the company, the employees, the employee participation, the customers and the shareholders that this is out on the street. Clarity as soon as possible puts an end to all uncertainty, especially for the people mentioned in the article. NN has not yet responded to the proposal of an independent investigation.

New function house

The NRC article also discusses the creation of the new job classification system.

  • In the CLA of NN (2016-2018) agreements were made about the creation of a new job classification system. The subsequent takeover of Delta Lloyd at the end of 2016 was of course a complicating factor. De Unie has implemented the collective labor agreement agreement.
  • De Unie has acknowledged the Central Works Council's claim that they had the right of consent. We were of course prepared to develop the new job structure in a tripartite consultation with the employer, trade unions and COR.
  • For reasons of its own, the COR has waived this right of consent. The COR was of course allowed to do this.

The choice for HAY's Industrial Insurance Model was ultimately made with the approval of De Unie. HAY's Industrial Insurance Model was relatively new at the time. On the one hand, this provided a good opportunity to build a function house that the organization can use for years to come. On the other hand, it was also a challenge. Our experts have been closely involved in the development and invested a lot of time in this. We support the new job classification system, but we note that parts of the model do not yet fully fit in with NN's organization. These problems must be resolved in the correction process.

We regret that so much unrest has arisen about the job classification system.