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NN Group collective bargaining report

Pension and new salary structure

The report of the past collective bargaining negotiations can be read below. We have had two days of collective bargaining. We have again discussed the new salary structure and pension. We have made important steps, but are not yet ready to provide insight into the likely end result.


There are different terms to maturity for the Delta Lloyd pension fund and the NN-Group pension fund. We have come to the conclusion that the time is too short to agree a new pension scheme for all employees on 1 January 2019.

We have therefore agreed that at least an arrangement must be made with a term of one year. What De Unie This means that we stay as close as possible to the current situation. We are committed to continuing the Delta Lloyd pension scheme. After all, the term of this implementation agreement continues until 31 December 2019. And for the NN Group employees De Unie towards a pension scheme that resembles the current pension scheme as closely as possible. Then we could easily make agreements with the CDC pension fund. As an alternative, we keep it open that we now negotiate the pension scheme that is due to start on January 1, 2020, but this is not the highest priority.
New salary structure

We have discussed the new salary structure. This takes a lot of time because the interests of the employees are very high here. NN-Group has proposed following the Median General Market salary line measured by Korn Ferry Hay. In front of De Unie this is not negotiable. We have no control over and no control over this benchmark. This salary line is much lower than the current salary lines of NN-Group and Delta Lloyd.

Above-scale means that the current income is higher than the maximum of the new salary scale in which the employee would fall. De Unie wants to take an average of the current salary structure of NN-Group and Delta Lloyd. Even then, many employees will already have an income that is higher than their salary scale due to the introduction of the new job classification system. The employer thinks the salary line that we propose is too high. We have achieved that the employer wants to negotiate the salary line.


We have discussed the salary structure and salary lines, but we do not seem to be getting any further. We have therefore agreed to investigate whether we can reach agreement on the superordination. This therefore concerns the allowance that an employee receives because he / she has a personal salary that is higher than the maximum salary in the salary scale. We will discuss the results in the next meeting.

De Unie wants to make a distinction between the superscale that arises from the introduction of the new job classification system. We must make agreements for this in the collective labor agreement. And we are dealing with employees who have had a salary that is higher than their current salary scale maximum for some time. Agreements in the collective labor agreement have already been made about this superordination. De Unie does not just want to thwart these previous agreements. The employer had proposed to buy off the personal allowances. This proposal has been rejected.

How further

It is alarming that we have not yet got around to a number of topics. The social plan and sustainable employability have not yet been discussed. The Delta Lloyd and NN-Group collective labor agreement must be compared on all articles. The employer has made an urgent appeal to trade unions to make extra efforts. If we want to conclude a collective labor agreement before 1 January 2019, this extra effort is necessary. Of course it is also the purpose of De Unie to conclude an agreement before this date.

Consultations will continue on November 6 and 7, 2018.

Month of the vakbond, make a colleague a member for free !!!

This month is the month of the vakbond. Make a fellow Union member in these important times of negotiating a new collective labor agreement and social plan. They too can then make their voices heard. NN also considers this important and pays the first year membership for new members.

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