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NN Group collective labor agreement negotiations

Here is another update of the collective labor agreement consultations. This time we mainly talked about the salary structure. This is a very important topic for all employees. 


Why should there be a new salary structure?

At the end of 2017, the employees were plotted in the new job classification system and were then given a second job name. The salary has remained the same based on the original position. But in a reorganization, the placement depends on the new second job title. We will link the new salary structure to the new job structure. So the second new function will soon be decisive. Determining for the work that an employee will do and determines the income. So this concerns everyone.

What does the new salary structure look like?

We do not yet know what the new salary structure will look like. That still has to be negotiated. NN Group has stated in its proposal letter (see SAM) that it wishes to join the General Market Netherlands. NN's proposal means that more than half of all employees would suddenly have far too high a salary and that this must therefore be corrected. Of course we do not agree with this. By the way, this is NN Group's first proposal. We assume that there is room for negotiation.

What finds De Unie?

De Unie believes that NN Group cannot compare with the median of the general market. The NN Group benchmark also includes cleaning companies, travel agencies and retailers. These are the sectors with the lowest salaries in the Netherlands. NN presents itself as a company that belongs to the top. This also includes top terms of employment. De Unie wants to include in the benchmark the companies that really compete with NN on the labor market. For example, the 25% companies that pay the best.


This is also still the subject of the negotiations. Anyone can now also be above-scaled, the salary is then higher than the maximum salary that belongs to the scale. For some employees, according to the current collective labor agreement agreements, their above-scale salary will be reduced. For other employees, they keep their salary but do not receive a collective wage increase and thus reduce it. Others receive the collective salary increase on their full salary. It therefore depends on the agreements that have been made.
Agreements must also be made for the new positions and the new salary structure.

Function building

A job classification system aims to reward equivalent jobs equally. That's a good cause for that De Unie endorses. But we do not believe that employees should be put in the position of having to forfeit salary. This is only possible if an employee chooses to accept a lower-paid position.

Other issues may arise. There are now also personal allowances and agreements are part of this. We can change some agreements in the CLA if we wish. Other agreements are formulated and recorded in such a way that we cannot touch them in the collective labor agreement. Not enough research has yet been done on this.

Month of the vakbond

This month is the month of the vakbond. Also become a member at this important time of negotiations about a new collective labor agreement and social plan. New members can then make their voices heard. NN also considers this important and pays the first year membership for new members. After that year the membership ends automatically. Of course we hope that everyone also remains a member! You can register on:

The next meeting is on October 24 and 25, 2018.

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