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NN Correction process function plotting

The job plotting correction process is important to ensure that employees are assigned to the correct job family and level. We assume that this will also lead to less transcendence. The first steps in this process have now been taken. But there is still a long way to go. The correction process will continue until the end of June this year.

Approach correction process

We distinguish an individual process and a process for the job families that have been revised.

Individual process

In the individual process, any employees who disagreed with their job plotting could request to review their job title. The deadline for this has now passed. 286 employees (partly in a joint request) made use of this. In almost 2/3 of the cases, the request was supported by the managers. If the supervisor supported the request, the request went automatically to the reassessment committee. The reassessment committee consists of job evaluation experts who reassess the plotting. In this reassessment committee also have experts from De Unie seat.

The unsupported requests have been reviewed by a committee of HR experts. They still referred the majority of the requests for reassessment. 44 requests were rejected by the HR experts. Is your request not allowed? Please let me know, if there is sufficient reason De Unie argue that your request should be reviewed by the reassessment committee.

Job family

A number of job families have been viewed in their entirety. The job evaluation experts have come to the conclusion that twelve of these job families are still insufficiently linked to the level of the work as required of the employees at NN Group. Changes have been made to the Actuary, Accounting, Architect, Audit, Business Control, Capital & Treasury, Communication Specialist, Compliance, Financial Reporting, Risk Management, Strategy & Corporate Affairs and Tax job families.

It concerns the following adjustments:
- an extra level has been added to the top of the function family
- the differentiating factors have been rewritten (this mainly affects the top three levels per job family)

The differentiating factors have been supplemented or rewritten for three job families. This concerns Data Intelligence, Product Owner and Procurement.

A different situation applies to Legal. In this job family, all levels are plotted one Hay level higher.

Management now has to re-level the employees and recalibrate. This must be completed by the end of April. In the period from 1 to 10 May you will then have the opportunity to assess whether you agree with the assigned level and to submit a request for re-plotting. If you do not agree, you can use the individual procedure and submit a request to admit the position to the re-assessment procedure. SAM explains which steps you need to take for this.

And for three job families, no changes have been made. This concerns DevOps Applications, DevOps Infrastructure and Insurance Expert. Employees in these job families can now submit an individual request if they do not agree with their plotting.

Time schedule

The following time schedule is pursued for the adjusted job families:

May 1 to 10:
data subjects are informed, possibility to submit an individual request

May 13 to 17:
committee of HR experts assesses the individual requests and determines which requests should be submitted to the re-assessment committee

May 16 to 30:
interviews by job evaluation experts

advice re-assessment committee and final calibration

The end of June:
final decision steering group