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New major wave of redundancies at local Rabobanks?

The Financial Daily (FD) surprised us on Friday 23 February 2018 with the announcement that there are concrete plans for decision-making at the General Members' Meeting of Rabobank (ALR), which will once again hit the local banks hard in their services and formation. A summary of the intended plans can be found on the website of the FD and at BNR. Thousands of jobs will be at risk again in the near future! What an amazing number of employees are again in tension whether or not they keep their own job and / or have to travel!

More information requested

De Unie would have liked to know more about the bank's plans before this came out via the FD. The request for more information has already been put to the bank. Monday, March 26, 2018, we will again have a periodic meeting with HR Netherlands. Before then, we would of course like to know more about the plans if they were also discussed by the ALR at the beginning of March.


The ALR has yet to make a formal decision on it, but if they do, it will not only be another drastic job reduction but also a major shift in personnel. Anyone who currently works at one of the 78 local banks to be reduced must then travel to one of the twelve regional offices to have the bank open digitally 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. That means traveling if you can keep your job and are placed in a regional office.

To prepare

De Unie would like to prepare you for the future by giving you insight into your talents and possibilities. After all, there is a good chance that you will lose your job or are not eager to travel to a regional office. What is my position on the labor market? How do I know what I am strong at and how can I develop myself further? Questions that we would like to answer with you in order to 'put the steering wheel in your own hands'. Check out our renewed website where you will find our unique and renewed career scan that you can finance with the help of the development budget. The link is We are happy to help you!

Social plan

If the plans go ahead, requests for advice and reorganisations will follow. During the negotiations in 2016 for a new collective labor agreement and a new social plan, we had already anticipated that the bank would continue to reduce jobs for a few more years. That is why we consciously focused on a long-term social plan up to and including 2020 and less on wages. So desperately needed… ..


You are already a member and know that we can be your personal advisor for you. With the coming uncertainty, such an advisor is also interesting for your colleague. Send this newsletter to your colleagues and let them look at the member benefits via For every member that you bring in, you also receive a gift voucher from worth € 12,50!

Next Steps

Do you ever think about your future at Rabobank? Or has the bank declared you redundant? Are you Active Mobile? Maybe you are ready for something new? Vakbond De Unie Next Steps organizes information meetings for all Rabobank employees. At your request, we will visit your own Rabobank to explain various topics such as the collective labor agreement, the social plan and the 2020 Strategic Framework. We will inform you about the career scan, the severance payment, relocation and the settlement agreement (VSO). Where are your chances in the labor market? But of course you decide what it should be about.

Your opinion / questions?

What do you think of the intended plans? I would like to hear your opinion via my e-mail address You can of course also call me on 06-52522074.