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Nedap: Members vote on collective labor agreement negotiation result

On September 7, 2020, we spoke with Nedap about the new collective labor agreement to be concluded. These negotiations have resulted in a negotiation result. I would like to handle this result de Uniemembers.

De Unie considers the agreed wage increase of 1,5% as of 1 April 2020 in the light of the current (corona) crisis and the economic situation at Nedap to be acceptable and reasonable. With an expected inflation rate of 2020% in 1,5, we can still speak of purchasing power retention for Nedap employees in 2020 with this wage agreement.

We would like to hear if de Uniemembers can agree to the agreements below.

1. Duration

The collective labor agreement to be concluded has a term of one year, i.e. from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

2. Income

  • Effective from April 1, 2020, salaries and salary scales will be structurally increased by 1,5%.
  • Youth pay scales are not abolished. These scales are used to classify working students.

3. Home work allowance

Nedap has agreed with the works council that a homeworking allowance applies as long as employees work from home for the most part because of COVID-19.

4. Birth / adoption leave

Nedap will determine in consultation with the works council whether it is desirable to supplement Nedap's statutory UWV benefit of 70% of the maximum daily wage to 100% of the salary. A role here is that such a supplement scheme cannot be used by all employees. Moreover, if the (paid) birth / adoption leave does not yet offer sufficient possibilities, within the leave scheme and guiding principles that exist at Nedap, an employee can make further agreements with the manager about the period after the paid birth / adoption leave.

5. Job descriptions and evaluation

The parties will continue the (protocol) agreement made.

6. Miscellaneous

  • Sustainable employability The protocol agreement made will lapse. Nedap will further develop this subject itself.
  • 3rd year of unemployment benefit.

In view of the outcome of the survey conducted among employees, no repairs will take place during the 3rd year of unemployment benefit.


De Unie-members have received an invitation to vote on the collective labor agreement negotiation result. You can vote up to September 16, 2020 at the latest.


If there are any questions about the content of the negotiation result, you can of course contact interest representative Jan Admiraal by e-mail