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Nayak Aircraft Services: Holiday pay and vote new roster

Recently, members were able to vote on Nayak's request to pay the holiday allowance in three installments. Read the results of the vote in this newsletter. In addition, the members have been called to vote on the new shift roster.

Result of the vote in installments of holiday pay

The members of De Unie overwhelmingly agreed to Nayak's proposal. The voting ratio with the other vakbondand was essentially different. Overall, two-thirds of the members who voted agreed to the proposal of the management.

De Unie and her fellow unions realize that this result can put some employees in a financially difficult position. It has therefore been agreed with Nayak that employees to whom this demonstrably applies can report to Nayak. In that case, Nayak tries to find a tailor-made solution for the employee concerned.

Voting new schedule

Members have probably heard from management or through a colleague that Nayak wants to change the current 6-4 roster. More occupancy is needed at night and less during the day.

The new roster originally proposed by Nayak could not count on the approval of the Works Council (Works Council) and the vakbond. De Unie, her fellow unions and the works council have therefore considered an alternative. An alternative that meets Nayak's wish and includes fewer night shifts than Nayak's original proposal. The Works Council has further elaborated this alternative and has consulted a number of employees here and there. About this alternative, the vakbondand, in consultation with the Works Council, negotiated with the employer on 25 April 2018.

Unfortunately, no negotiation result has been reached. The vakbondand can agree with the 4-by-4-off schedule that is now ahead. But we have not reached an agreement on the shift work allowance. Nayak has indicated that he has no financial scope for a higher shift work allowance. That is why the employer has made a final offer on which a vote can be cast.

What does the final offer entail?

  • The timetable is not completely 4-by-4-finished. This is because the total number of hours worked per year in that case is less than the number of hours that an employee with a full-time contract would have to work. This concerns 103 hours less than the number of hours included in the Collective Labor Agreement for the Metalektro.
  • Nayak wants to be compensated for the 103 hours that an employee does not work, but is paid for it. We have negotiated that an employee does not have to compensate 103 hours, but 70 hours. This means that 7 extra shifts are scheduled per year in the 4-by-4-off schedule. The Works Council has agreed with the management what the best times are for these extra services.
  • The timetable on which the members can vote. The grid is here  to read (to read the timetable properly, increase the view to at least 200%).
  • Because an employee works 33 hours less in the new roster than according to the contract, this has an effect on the amount of the shift work allowance. Another option is to lower the base salary. De Unie and her fellow unions have strongly opposed this option. A lower base salary has a direct effect on pension accrual and on all kinds of allowances.
  • Nayak has made a final offer of 24,5% for the shift work allowance. That's lower than the 24,7% Nayak now pays for the 6-4 roster. This has to do with the 33 hours that an employee works less than stated in his / her contract.

De Unie is pleased that Nayak has moved in the negotiations. Nayak's original offer for the shift work allowance in combination with the compensation hours was considerably less. We are also pleased that Nayak has agreed with the alternative that the Works Council and the vakbondand developed for the original new roster proposed by Nayak. The timetable that is now available is less heavy than the original plan.

De Unie is not completely satisfied with the amount of the shift work allowance. In our opinion, it should have been a bit higher.

Cast your vote!

The members have been notified to vote on the combination roster and shift allowance.


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