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MITT: update collective labor agreement negotiations


This letter to members focuses on the start of negotiations on November 9, 2021 for a new collective labor agreement MITT as of January 1, 2022.

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CLA negotiations
In these collective labor agreements, it is about wages, duration, generation pact & RVU, hybrid work and leave. Below I will elaborate on some of these points as we have also spent most of our time on them. Hybrid working and leave will be discussed in more detail in the coming membership letter.

Wage and term
The trade unions are aiming for a strong increase in the structural wage, partly because the employers withdrew the wage agreement of 2% at the start of corona. The trade unions also want to tackle the application of the starter/youth scales. We propose a term of one year.

The employers in the MITT indicate that their total wage margin is 2,5% for an annual contract and that everything must be paid for from this. How exactly it works with the youth scales in practice is still being investigated and the next round will come back to this.   

Generation Pact and RVU
The trade unions want to include the right to the generation pact for employees in the collective labor agreement, provided there are no compelling business interests. We also want the Early Retirement Scheme (RVU) for those who qualify for it and no discussion about (the definition of) heavy work. For us, a study into a different shift schedule in order to work 'more sustainably' is sufficient for the coming collective labor agreement.

Employers now think that a first step in the generation pact of 80% work, 90% wages and 100% pension accrual is going too far without using (read financing) from other sources, such as leave (age days). They also believe that there is a limit to whether or not to open the scheme for more/less than 10 people in a company. The employers do want to determine a definition of heavy work for the MITT sector and study the subsidy options of the RVU and MDIEU scheme in more detail.

The three trade unions have developed a survey on a number of themes during this negotiation process. We will of course use the results again in our discussions. Members of the three trade unions were given the opportunity to anonymously complete the salary survey and the sustainable employability survey.

On Monday, December 13, we inserted an extra negotiation because Thursday, December 16, was actually the only date we had left. Quite little time considering where we are now, so we'll see how far we get. To be continued.
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