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My roommate has tested positive, I have to quarantine. Will I still receive a salary?

If your roommate is tested positive for corona and you are not protected, you have to quarantine. This means that you stay at home for a certain period of time. How long, that depends on the situation and is determined by the GGD: sometimes your quarantine lasts a maximum of ten days, sometimes longer. It also plays a role if you are sick yourself. If you can work from home and feel good, you will continue to receive your wages. But what if you are sick or can't work from home?

Not working during quarantine

During a mandatory quarantine, your employer must continue to pay you. Even if you can't work from home. You follow the measures of the government. And does your employer think that he does not have to pay you? Then he must have a valid reason for it. The judge will ultimately determine whether this is the case.

Self sick

Do you get sick, but can you still work? Then nothing is wrong. If you are too sick to work, just call in sick as normal. The usual rules for continued payment of wages during illness then apply.

Quarantine after vacation

If you have to go into quarantine after your holiday, you are not entitled to continued payment of wages if there was a negative travel advice for your holiday destination before departure. In that case, try to make agreements with your employer about the best solution. Take, for example, hours of leave or vacation days during your quarantine: then you will continue to receive your wages. Changed the travel advice of your holiday destination during your vacation and you have to quarantine unexpectedly after returning home. Then you are often entitled to wages. You can't do much about this. Nevertheless, it is wise to take a good look at the agreements about this in your contract or collective labor agreement, or to discuss this with your employer before departure.

In this situation, too, the court can assess whether you are entitled to your wages or not. There are specific circumstances in which this is the case.

Want to know more?

Do you not get your wages paid during your quarantine, while you think you are entitled to it? Please contact our legal specialists directly. Our Service Center is available every working day from 8.00 am to 18.00 pm via sc@unie.nl and 0345 851 963.

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