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Metelektro: Increase your craftsmanship in the metal for free

Hundreds of technical companies already use the online learning platform oZone. This platform is made possible by De Unie, Others vakbondand and by employers' organizations in technology.

In addition to the company's own learning content, there is a library with more than 90 up-to-date topics about the development of (technical) craftsmanship. Not only is attention paid to technology, but other topics such as HR, quality, safety, etc. are also discussed.

The oZone library is now open to everyone. Especially in these uncertain times where many people are at home, it is important to continue substantive development.

This is also an excellent opportunity to develop further in your own and other fields! Especially in these uncertain times, this offers the opportunity to work on your further development.

If you want to know more about oZone, you can register (

Naturally, the career advisers are there De Unie also still (digitally) ready for you! You can still use the free career advice via De Unie. This career advice is now completely digital!

More information can be found on the website of Union Consultancy.