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Metalektro: Employers' association FME publishes half-truths

The FME continues to provide incomplete information. It seems that the FME (and therefore also the employer) thinks that the offer they make should be sufficient to conclude a collective labor agreement. This attitude does not contribute to the realization of a good collective labor agreement in the Metalektro. We want to move forward and conclude that good collective labor agreement, but then the FME will have to move.  
What is it about? Some examples:


The FME googles some figures, but in reality has been offering the same for months: 2,9% per 12 months. Employers in the Metalektro say that a wage increase of 2,9% every 12 months should be enough. They do not even want to apply this wage increase to all employees in the sector (think of higher staff, for example). That while the situation in the sector lends itself to agreeing a good wage increase. This has already happened in other sectors.

In addition, employers want to include an amendment to the article on wage dispensation. This means that they do not want to guarantee the pay rise and want to have the option to do so without the consent of the vakbondand to be able to refrain from it. To top it all off, they also want to divert an additional 1,8% wage allowance via the VEP premium and the A&O premium.

Control over working hours

The FME indicates that employers in the sector believe that employees should not have any influence on their working hours. The “boss” decides. All proposals, compromises, solutions that we have put forward in this area are invariably rejected. This concerns proposals about making shift schedules less stressful and ending unbridled compulsory overtime. Employers do not consider it necessary for employees to have influence on their own work / private balance. A modern, contemporary collective labor agreement is apparently not the aim of the FME.

Generation pact

The Generation Pact is an agreement that ensures that older people have the opportunity to reach the finish line in a healthy way, whereby young people can enter the sector. Something that is good for employees and employers. We ask for 3 variants to which the employee is entitled. The FME is finally ready for one variant as a right for a very limited group of employees, whereby they also want to state that the very limited group is only entitled to it if the company interest allows it.

Bend or crack

The FME is only concerned with what is called “framing” in good Dutch and not with the content. They put articles in the newspaper in which they - to put it nicely - "creatively" deal with the truth and in reality they block the negotiation process. read here the letter we sent the FME about it.

We are no longer sure whether the FME wants a collective labor agreement at all.

Proud of the sector

We think it is a shame if the latter becomes reality. This sector deserves a good collective labor agreement, employees deserve a good collective labor agreement! We continue to need the support in our campaign before that good Collective Labor Agreement Metalektro!