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Metalektro: Explanation vakbondcontribution

Recently we sent de Unie-members a message about the agreements in the CLA regarding the (settlement of) vakbondcontribution.


We indicated therein that the members could request both the one-off net benefit (if you were a member on 1 January 2019) and the tax settlement from the employer.

We have since received notice from various members that their employer interprets the agreements in the collective labor agreement (on the advice of the FME) differently. According to those employers, a vakbondslid must make the choice between either the one-off payment or the tax settlement.

We regret the lack of clarity that is now arising.

We have asked our lawyers to investigate which explanation is the correct one. Naturally, we will also discuss this with the FME in the national consultation. Until then, we advise members to apply for both benefits from the employer. As soon as we have more clarity on this we will de Unieinform members.