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Metalektro: Time for financial advice?

Insecure times

The corona crisis has a major impact on the work in the Metalektro. Some companies are doing very well, many others are in dire straits. In time, employment may be endangered. From De Unie we naturally sympathize and share the concerns of our members.

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Financial calm

We are thinking about how we can assist the employees in the Metalektro in these uncertain times. There is uncertainty about the future of work, of income. Then it is good to know where you stand now when it comes to your finances. That gives peace of mind.

Your personal coach

With De Unie you can talk to a 100% independent financial coach about your own situation for free. Together you make an overview of your finances now. Then you draw up a plan for your future. What can you save, what do you want to save? What will your situation look like when you retire? Can you and do you want to put money aside for the children, your partner? What happens if you are temporarily out of work? How do you bridge such a period? What does a divorce mean for your income now and your pension later? All questions to answer together with your coach.


You don't have to be a member of De Unie. You do work in the Metalektro. Until the end of this year, you have the chance to use this free route, which normally costs more than five hundred euros. Our partner EBC Nederland deploys 100% independent coaches who want to advise you and who don't want to sell you anything, guaranteed.

This provides De Unie to: 

  • a chat via webcam with an independent financial advisor
  • duration of the webcam conversation approximately 90 minutes
  • direct insight into possible financial consequences of changes in work and income
  • personal advice from the independent financial advisor

The consultants of EBC Netherlands have experience in conducting online conversations. They can set up a connection and share their screen, so that you get a good insight into the financial situation in the way that EBC always does. The advisor has his webcam on and you can see him. If you like, you can also turn on your webcam.

Before the conversation you will receive a link that gives you access to the online meeting room. Sign up via or contact EBC Netherlands for more information on 010-2411220 or

This free financial scan is offered for employees of companies who contribute to A & O Metalektro. If you are not sure whether your employer will pay A&O, please contact then we will find out for you.