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Metalektro: Texts are ready!

Definitive collective labor agreement texts and rules of the Generation Pact finalized

On February 1, 2019, there was an agreement in principle for the Collective Labor Agreement for Metalektro. We then worked hard together with the employer representative, FME, to arrive at definitive collective labor agreement texts and rules for the Generation Pact. This was also a difficult process, but the texts are now complete!

Definitive collective labor agreement texts

The agreements from the agreement in principle have been included in a definitive collective labor agreement text. A General Binding Declaration is now being requested from the Ministry of Social Affairs and employment for this CLA text. As soon as this statement has been issued, the CLA applies to all employees covered by the Metalektro CLA. The CLA booklets will be printed in the short term and the digital version of the CLA will also be published. The members will be informed about this shortly.

Generation Pact Regulations

The rules of the game for the Generation Pact have been elaborated in regulations. If you as an employee want to make use of the Generation Pact, you can register for this from 5 July. If you are entitled to participate in the Generation Pact, the table below shows when the employer must enter the application (unless another arrangement has been made):

See for the other rules here the regulations. read here the question and answer document, to obtain additional explanation about the regulations. There is also a lot of work being done on general communication about the Generation Pact, such as: a website with associated calculation tool and flyers with additional information. A message about this will also be sent later.

Pension scheme PME & PMT

As you may know, the pension scheme for the Metalektro (PME) and the Metal and Technology (PMT) will expire at the end of this year. This must be extended. Talks about this are not going smoothly either. We believe that the employer should make the VEP premium available to make the scheme possible. Negotiations on this will be continued in September. We will keep members informed!