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Metalektro region West: Metalektro employees in action!

The employers in the Metalektro use the collective bargaining agreement to worsen the terms of employment. Whether it's a decent pay rise, protection against long working hours or reaching the finish line healthy. De Unie sees insufficient appreciation of their employees among employers.

Sales and profits in the sector are reaching record highs. In the meantime, employees are working their way around to keep up with the increasing production. We want employers to pay more attention to this, to do something about it and to have a decent collective labor agreement in return. There is no idea that such a collective labor agreement will be created. That's why De Unie in action.

De Unie and her fellow unions are calling on the employees in the Metalektro (large metal) June 20, 2018 to put down work for 24 hours. Starting with the night shift from Tuesday June 19, 2018 until the end of the afternoon shift on Wednesday June 20, 2018.

Regional and corporate strikes take place all over the country on that day. We don't do that because we like it. We are convinced that this will help us to agree on a good collective labor agreement.

We strike together!

In the Netherlands there is a right to strike. This is not for nothing! Metal workers take action because further consultations with employers unfortunately do not yield anything. The only legal means left to us now is to go on strike. This does not only happen in the Utrecht and Rijnmond regions, but all over the country.

We inform employers that strikes are taking place. It is not mandatory to report it yourself, but it is of course allowed. And if the employees do not want to strike, but want to participate in the campaigns, they are of course also very welcome on June 20, 2018. The members of De Unie who want to strike can register with an employee of De Unie at the location.

Until June 20, 2018 in Utrecht or Alblasserdam!


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