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Metalektro Regio Boxmeer: ​​Support De Unie on November 5, 2018!

Come to the campaign for a good Metalektro collective labor agreement!

At a time when the economy is doing well, employees want their share: 3,5% wage increase in a year, decent arrangements to be able to continue working until retirement age, a steady job for young people and no deterioration in the collective labor agreement with which employers employees can oblige them to show up when the boss wants to. At a time when things are going well economically, we are not asking for mountains of gold. A pay increase of 3,5% in one year, decent arrangements for healthy retirement and a permanent job for young people and also attention for the senior staff. That is what is asked. Unfortunately, employers still stand to deteriorate.

So we have to continue with the #IKBENMETAAL campaign

Ask every colleague to join the upcoming campaign days.
Only with support will there be a collective labor agreement that the employees earn. We call on all employees in Boxmeer to campaign on November 5, 2018 for a good Collective Labor Agreement for Metalektro.

What? 24-hour strike / campaign
When? Monday 5 November 2018
Where? Hotel Restaurant De Baronie,
Spoorstraat 74, 5831 CM Boxmeer
Time of day? 08.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

More information about why we campaign? Check out:

Right to Strike

In the Netherlands, employees have the right to strike. And that is not for nothing! Employers know that employees can go on strike. Employees do not have to report this in advance, it is allowed.

Don't want to strike, but you do De Unie support her campaign for a good collective labor agreement, take a day off and come to De Baronie. Everybody is welcome!

Please note! Union members must not forget to bring their bank card! This is to ensure that the registration and payment of the strike benefit proceeds smoothly and quickly!

We can really use all the support!