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Metalektro: Call for campaign East Brabant and Limburg

The past period has been by many members De Unie campaigned for a good collective labor agreement in the Metalektro. It is clear that there is plenty of enthusiasm among our members to stand shoulder to shoulder for a better future. A collective labor agreement that does justice to the current growth of the economy. What is good for the sector is good for the Netherlands.

Great success!

The regional day in the city walking park in Eindhoven on June 20, 2018 together with the others vakbondand was a high point with a total of no fewer than 2400 attendees. Hundreds of employees from DAF, VDL, ASML, Chromalloy, Bosch, Prysmian, Laura Metaal, et cetera called on employers to come up with better proposals.

We want a good collective labor agreement!

De Unie is committed to a fair and balanced collective labor agreement. In the coming period we will be present in various places when action is taken. Unfortunately, we will have to do this until we have reached agreement with the FME on a new collective labor agreement. We ask employees to also send a signal so that we can agree on a good collective labor agreement. We see that employers are increasingly making negative proposals for the middle and higher incomes.

Examples are:

  • Generation pact only for basic collective labor agreement.
  • Wage proposals only for employees with a salary up to € 80.000.
  • Proposals to abolish the entire HP collective labor agreement!

You can read more in the Newsletter of 16 August 2018 or on website

We call on all employees to come to one of the regional days in Southeast Netherlands


Eindhoven region / East Brabant
Donderdag 6 september 2018
City walking park Eindhoven
09.30 a.m. to 13.00 a.m.

Limburg region
Vrijdag 7 september 2018
City park Sittard (Vijverweg)
09.30 a.m. to 13.00 a.m.

All support is welcome

We can use all the support. The employees can already show that support by taking a day of leave and coming to one of the regional days.

To prevent employers from succeeding, it is important to organize enough opposition! De Unie has strongly opposed these developments during the previous and also during these negotiations. We appreciate Union members very much! Help us by checking if there are colleagues who also want to join De Unie. With that we can make our sound heard better and better! You can easily become a member via

If there are any questions send an email to