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Metalektro: minimal progress CLA

On October 7th we have for the 3e talked with employers about a new Metalektro collective labor agreement. Last time we told you that there was still no progress in the consultation. It's not much different now. Employers have taken some steps, but a new collective labor agreement is far from in sight.

Employers' proposal

The employers' offer was largely limited to a collective labor agreement with a term of 25 months (until 1 January 2023), whereby the only wage increase of 1,25% would only take place 6 months before the new collective labor agreement expired (1 July 2022!). They were, however, prepared to pay a little extra pension premium.

In addition, employers want to contribute less to the training and development of employees in the sector (A + O). A strange setup in this time, where corona and the associated uncertainty would just argue for a larger investment!

Also in the area of ​​working hours, employers maintain their opinion that the majority can be arranged at company level with the works council and they still want to get rid of the exemption provisions in the collective labor agreement.

reaction De Unie

It is disappointing that the employers in the 3rd round (!) Come up with a bid that differs so enormously from what we ask for. Moreover, we find some of the employers' proposals incomprehensible and not appropriate for these uncertain times. There is still a very big gap to bridge!

How further?

The next meeting will be on Tuesday November 3. This is the last meeting before the collective labor agreement expires on 1 December. So there is still a lot to be done. We will of course keep you informed about the outcome of that consultation!

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