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Metalektro: Small step forward (but also back again)

In the third round of negotiations, the employers finally made a concrete proposal. A proposal that certainly does not meet the wishes of De Unie. But at least it is a step (you).

What does the proposal entail?

Employers suggest:

  • Term of the collective labor agreement until 1 January 2021 (31 months).
  • Salary increases.
 Basic collective labor agreement  HP collective labor agreement
(up to 96.000 euros)
 HP collective labor agreement
(above 96.000 euros)
 1 October 2018  1%  0,5%  0,3%, unless ...
 July 1, 2019  3%  1,5%  0,3%, unless ...
 July 1, 2020  1,7%  0,85%  0,3%, unless ...
 Juveniles up to 23 years old  As of January 2019 and January 2020 a one-off payment of 0,5%, if one is still in the youth scales of the collective labor agreement.

For the HP collective labor agreement salary above € 96.000, there will only be an increase if there is no scheme within the company. Then the increase applies as a minimum.

  • A lot of proposals on training and development, where awareness of the need for training is paramount.
  • A generation pact from the age of 63 based on 80% working with 80% salary and 100% pension accrual.
  • The indemnity provisions regarding overtime and chores are no longer linked to age, but to the health of the employee.
  • Enable a 4-day working week by buying extra days off.
  • It must be possible to make agreements about working hours with the works council and on the basis of the standards in the new Working Hours Act (Articles 3.4 and 3.5 of the CLA).
  • Possibility of dispensation of the collective labor agreement increases in ailing companies through a special committee.

What finds De Unie?

We are pleased that we finally have some concrete proposals from the employers. However, the content of the proposals certainly does not come close to the question of De Unie. In our opinion, the proposals for both the basic and the HP collective labor agreement do not show employers at all that they want to keep the sector attractive to everyone.

There is still one date (May 16, 2018) to arrive at a good collective labor agreement for the sector in consultation. to be able to come. Employers will really have to take giant steps to achieve a good result.

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