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Metalektro: CLA consultations have started

De Unie: employers declare Senior Staff outlaws!

Consultations on a new Metalektro collective agreement started on 28 March 2018. Where employers mainly focus on far-reaching flexibility on many points in the collective labor agreement, put De Unie to good agreements about wages (for everyone), sustainable employability (including work pressure), generation pact, training and development.

Developments in the sector

Profitability is improving for most companies, and the number of vacancies is also growing rapidly. There are concerns about the influx of (young) employees. We were reasonably in agreement about the state of affairs in the sector, but certainly not about the consequences and the steps to be taken! This was evident from the employers' proposals.

Proposals to employers

Employers want to achieve far-reaching flexibility in terms of employment and the role of vakbondand further restrict it within the companies. It is positive that employers also want attention to working conditions, training and development. As apparently usual, a concrete wage offer has not yet been made. It has been indicated, however, that we must continue to look at cost control, as the Dutch metal industry has to compete on the world market.

The future of the HP collective labor agreement uncertain?

Employers want to get rid of the HP collective labor agreement completely! The effect of this may be that from now on everyone from salary scale L will have to negotiate about their own terms of employment / increase. De Unie has proposed to maintain the HP collective labor agreement and to link salary development to the collective labor agreement. Deviation from this is only possible if there are other agreements with De Unie, within the companies.

Read here the employers' proposals.

How further?

The next meeting will soon be on Monday, April 9, 2018. We will then enter into a more substantive discussion with the employers. We will keep track of the outcome of that consultation de Uniemembers of course!

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