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Metal and Technology: More than 36 hours of negotiation leads to nothing

After more than 36 hours of negotiations on the last negotiation day (s), it was unfortunately not possible to agree on a new collective labor agreement for Metal and Technology. Employers do not keep their promises and make a final offer. read here the full final offer.


In this final offer, the employers make their latest proposals, including:

  • Duration
    24 months, from June 1, 2019 to June 1, 2021.
  • Loon 
    Actual wages increase by 1% as of 9/2019/3.
    Actual wages increase by 1% as of 5/2020/2.
    Actual wages increase by 1% as of 1/2021/1.
    Adjustment of youth salaries
  • Generation pact
    The pilot for the Generation Pact (see So no right to a Generation Pact.
  • Age days
    The existing scale for extra leave for the elderly starts at 56 years (instead of 53 years).

In a vlog on our facebook page: and on YouTube: we explain the final offer even further.

De Unie is surprised at this move by employers, a final offer does not bring a new collective labor agreement in the metal and technology industry any closer. It is surprising that in a time like this, where people are crying out for employees and companies to achieve good results, employers do not want to reach a good collective labor agreement.

De Unie in the coming days, together with the executives, will consider the situation that has arisen. Then we inform de Uniemembers about the sequel.


If you have any questions or comments, please send the advocates Albert Meeuwissen and Dirk van Gestel an email via