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There is a negotiated result of the Collective Labor Agreement Metal & Technology!

Negotiation result collective labor agreement Metal and Technology

De Unie and the other vakbondand have reached a negotiated result on a new Collective Labor Agreement for Metals and Technology. For employees in, among other things, body construction and installation technology, if they agree, in 2022 months of uncertainty about their employment conditions will come to an end. Unfortunately, the uncertainty for metalworking workers is not yet over. The Koninklijke Metaalunie is not (yet) participating. (update April 15, 2022: the Metaalunie has now announced that it will participate in the collective labor agreement result)

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The agreements from the result:

  • A total average pay increase of 8%, being:
    1. € 42,50 as of July 1, 2022 (nominal)
    2. € 384,- as of July 1, 2022 (once)
    3. 2,75% as of September 1, 2022
    4. 3,25% as of March 1, 2023
    5. 0,6% as of January 1, 2024
  • Fixed agreements about the right to the 80-90-100 Generation Pact (so no more pilot)
  • Increase in youth wages by 5%
  • Early retirement scheme (RVU) for heavy professions:
    • For anyone with a monthly wage up to € 3.750. This amount is increased by the wage increases. If you earn more but do shift work or consignment work, you can also participate.
    • You must have worked in the industry for at least 5 years
  • The premium for the PAWW (repair WW and WIA) will no longer be levied from 2022 to 2024 (saving of 0,2%).
  • The age days of 54 and 54 ½ years disappear and are added at age 56 and 57 years. The age days start at 55 years. This will take effect on January 1, 2023.
  • There will be a pilot Informal Care to increase awareness at 30 companies.
  • The SER advice on hybrid working (working from home) is included in the preamble to the collective labor agreement.

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Unfortunately, we were unable to realize other points. But these agreements have come about after a months-long campaign. A campaign that we could not have conducted without your support. We therefore assume that you agree with this result.

Metalworking does not participate

Unfortunately, the Koninklijke Metaalunie does not want to participate in this negotiation result. They were not even present at the last meeting. With this, the Koninklijke Metaalunie leaves all 140.000 employees in the metalworking industry out in the cold!

So they let the metalworking employees down! This means even longer for them in terms of uncertainty about their terms of employment. This is at a time when prices are rising and the shortage on the labor market is only getting worse.

The negotiation result does not (yet) apply to them. We hope that the Metaalunie will still agree with the result. If this does not happen, the campaign for a collective labor agreement in metalworking will have to continue. This of course together with you! We will inform you about this at a later date.

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What now

Soon all members of will receive De Unie an invitation to vote on this result. Members of De Unie with a full membership can then vote. If you are registered as a light member or follower, you can now upgrade your light membership to a membership with voting rights. This can be done very easily right here to click.

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