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Metal and Technology: Read more about the first day of negotiations!


Collective bargaining has begun

Negotiations for a new Collective Labor Agreement Metal and Technology started on April 9, 2019. The first day consisted, as usual, of explaining the proposals.

During the first day of the consultation, the various CLA parties explain what they consider important for a new CLA and other parties ask questions.

What is striking about employers' proposals is that no attention is paid to the younger employees who work in the sector. In addition, we see in the proposals that older employees will suffer from proposals for deterioration in the field of relief measures and extra leave for the elderly. The employers have not yet told what the wage offer will be for the new collective labor agreement, we will have to hear that from them in the coming meetings.

What finds De Unie among other important:

  •  Serious opportunities for development
  •  Right to a Generation Pact
  •  Good pay rise
  •  Extra special leave in the event of the death of parents
  •  Career coaches
  •  Technology promotion day
  •  Attention to practical supervisors

Read  here the proposal letter and  here the collective labor agreement proposals.

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