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Participation in Aegon

The COR of Aegon has to De Unie asked for permission to postpone the elections by several months. The COR gives us the following reasons for this.

Why is the COR postponing the elections?

The request to postpone the Works Council elections came from Maarten Edixhoven, among others. “We have built up a good relationship of trust with the COR in recent years,” he says. “And in the coming months there are many topics on our agenda that will have a great impact on the organization”. For these important changes in policy, MTNL must request the advice or consent of the Works Council members. It does this with requests for advice or consent. In view of the complexity and coherence of the announced requests for advice and consent, MTNL asked the Works Council members to consider extending their term of office to 1 January 2020. The MT members consider it important to have a good reflection of the organization within the participation council.


A majority of COR members voted in favor of a possible postponement of the elections. Based on this vote, the COR has decided De Unie permission requested.

The COR requires the consent of the trade unions and employees for such a decision. A similar question is presented to employees on Aegon's intranet.

Position of De Unie

De Unie regularly receives comparable requests from works councils. Consent is not automatic. We must monitor the democratic process. So De Unie takes into account that new members can regularly join the employee participation bodies, that the works council is independent, and that employees have confidence in the works council.

I have no reason in advance to reject the request of the COR Aegon. De Uniemembers have received a newsletter about this with a request for response.

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