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Informal care and corona: it can be done like this

The corona crisis creates uncertainty and the necessary dilemmas among informal carers. When is it justified to visit a loved one and what is still possible today? Our partner Senior Service, the national professional organization for informal care support, provides an overview of the most frequently asked questions and topics of conversation from practice. Handy if you are an informal caregiver and if you receive informal care.

I have a cold and flu symptoms. Can I still visit my mother?

Especially nowadays caring for the elderly and the vulnerable is very important. Especially when they live alone. Not visiting your mother, or visiting it less often, is not always realistic. Do you still have a cold or the flu? Then follow the guidelines of the RIVM: stay at home and have yourself tested for corona at the GGD - informal carers have been able to do this since 18 May. You will receive the test result within 48 hours. If the test is positive, you will remain in home isolation for two weeks and the GGD will conduct a contact investigation. Is there no other caregiver in the picture? Please feel free to contact Senior Service * to discuss the possibilities.

 * For all members of De Unie monthly membership of Senior Service is free of charge.

My mother's regular daytime activities are closed. What alternative forms of support are there?

The municipality is ultimately responsible for supporting vulnerable residents. Now that daytime activities and household help are no longer available, an alternative form of support must continue. As an informal caregiver, it is important to keep the situation at home in balance. Normally, the daytime activities ensure that you, as an informal caregiver, can take a break and that there is clear structure for your loved one. Therefore, consider the following alternatives:

  • In the first instance, maintain good contact yourself by calling more regularly. Or make sure that you can make video calls, which is a pleasant face-to-face interaction from a distance.
  • Try to share caring for your mother with other family and friends. Now is the time to bring this up.
  • Contact the municipality for alternative forms of support. In this period there is extra budget available for budget holders, for both Wlz and Wmo. With this budget you can, for example, hire a permanent Senior Service employee as a temporary alternative to daytime activities.
  • Make an appointment yourself for a no-obligation introductory meeting with a coordinator from the region. You can find the contact details at the bottom of this article. Get detailed information about extra help from one of the Senior Service employees, or request a brochure on the website.

How does Senior Service deal with the corona crisis?

Safety comes first. Senior Service follows all guidelines of the RIVM and measures of the cabinet. From day 1 of this crisis, they have been hand in hand at the forefront with healthcare personnel, for example from home care and nursing homes. Their employees follow a strict protocol and are well informed of the latest developments. This allows them to continue to provide their support in most cases, at home and in nursing homes. Does an employee have a cold? Then it will be tested and he or she is not allowed to visit clients for two weeks. Senior Service will then immediately provide a replacement.

About informal care and De Unie

The corona crisis also affects the informal caregiver. Bee De Unie we think it is important that you as a caregiver do not become overburdened. That is why there are different ways we can support you. If you need informal care yourself or if you are taking care of a family member - your parents, for example - then it is nice if not all the tasks fall on your shoulders. Therefore it works De Unie together with Senior Service, an informal care organization that only employs permanent, qualified employees. Contact Senior Service and discuss how they can help you.

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