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Can my employer forbid me to go on holiday to a risk area?

On holiday to a risk area

Travel is not as carefree as it was before the corona pandemic. There are still risk areas. This can cause conflict in the workplace. Because can your employer forbid you to travel to a risk area? The short answer: no. We explain why.

Your employer may not prohibit you

For scheduling, occupancy and handover, your employer needs to know when you're gone, not where you're going. He may not forbid you to travel to an orange or red area. He may, however, ask you not to do it, and let you know in advance what measures he will take if you do so. For example, he can deny you access to the workplace. Please note: he must have announced such a measure in advance and may not take it unannounced after your holiday.

Risk areas: what was it again?

The government gives for many all countries a travel advice: does the government estimate that you are at risk in a certain country or area? Then it issues a negative travel advice for it. There are four types of travel advice:
• Green: there are no special safety risks that do not apply in the Netherlands.
• Yellow: there are safety risks, but they are comparable to those in the Netherlands.
• Orange: There are many security risks, so travel only when necessary.
• Red: do not travel.

Advice: be honest and clear

You don't have to tell your employer where you're going on vacation. However, we advise you to let us know if you have been to a risk area. Your employer is responsible for the safety of you and your colleagues. If there is a chance that you have been infected during your vacation, it is safer for your colleagues if you do not come to work. Your employer cannot force you to follow the quarantine advice. He may, however, deny you access to the workplace.

More information

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